Quality is the life of an enterprise. Only by guaranteeing the quality of its work can the quality of its products be guaranteed. Enterprises attach great importance to the construction of quality management system, "COFCO people" understand that product quality is a system engineering, involving every stage of production, every link, every work, and any work is done by people, the human factor is the first.
Firstly, pay close attention to the construction of staff

In order to ensure that product quality companies attach great importance to the construction of staff, the production personnel are regularly trained in operation technology and quality management, and regularly tested. So that employees develop the spirit of meticulousness and excellence, the comprehensive quality of employees, professional skills continue to improve, and the implementation of competitive induction, high-quality staff to ensure the company's product quality has a fundamental guarantee.
II. Construction of Innovative Quality Management System
As the company's top management attaches great importance to quality, from the very beginning, they pay attention to practicing internal skills and grasping the foundation. From purchasing staff, technicians, team leaders, quality inspectors and department managers, a complete set of post quality responsibility system and department quality responsibility system have been established. All products are subject to strict quality inspection to ensure that unqualified products do not enter the enterprise. Due to the establishment and improvement of quality management system, the quality of products has been strongly guaranteed. The company passed the IS9001 quality management system certification in 2003.
3. Strict material procurement and supply management

First of all, the quality of products is good enough to endure the production of materials. In order to ensure the quality of products, the company will never economize, insist on comparing goods with others, and purchase products of large companies and brands (Pangang steel and Wuhan Steel) at any cost. It is not easy for the production materials to enter the production site of "Zhongliang". It can be said that it is not easy for the purchasers, materials workers, quality inspectors, receivers and the responsible persons in charge of the material supply department to enter the production site of "Zhongliang".“ Only after five passes and six passes can we enter the production site and put it into use. Strict material control makes the quality of products become a source of water and a source of wood.
"COFCO" has taken the lead in introducing advanced management concepts of modern processing industry into the industry, and combined with its own reality, standardized, systematic management has been implemented from the setting of each post, process flow, processing operation, inspection and acceptance, etc. With the spirit of dedication and standardized operation process, the product performance is up to standard, the quality is stable, and the interests of customers are effectively guaranteed.