I. Service Concept
We firmly believe that customers are our partners, the most scarce resources and the foundation of our survival. We adhere to customer-centered, respect customers, understand customers, and do everything for customers.
We cherish every opportunity to serve customers. We treat customers'concerns, choices and trust with gratitude. Serving customers and realizing customer value is one of the missions of our enterprise.
Helping customers succeed is our happiness. We pay attention to the perfection of every service process and detail and win customers'recognition.
We advocate all-round full-staff service, incorporate service concept into the whole process of sales, production and after-sales, implement service awareness into the hearts of every employee, help customers solve various problems in use through specialized pre-sale and after-sale services, ensure the quality of service process is perfect, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.
II. Service Measures
1. Adhere to the Customer Visiting System
2. 24 hours in and 72 hours outside the province
3. If the customer thinks it is necessary, the relevant person in charge of the company can go to the scene to solve the problem.