Publicize and implement "labor law", strengthen safe production management

2014-06-25 02:08

       In order to strengthen the management of production safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, Chen jiaying, the general manager of the company, presided over the publicity and implementation of the labor law and the relevant rules and regulations of the factory staff meeting on June 25, 2014.
       According to "byelaw of inductrial injury insurance", explained to all employee one by one in byelaw about the concerned regulation that inductrial injury maintains condition, treatment of inductrial injury, inductrial injury pay, appraisal of inductrial injury and reimbursement of cost of inductrial injury medicine.
       In the meeting also on the occurrence of industrial injury accident internal processing process, the relevant government departments for the identification of industrial injury declaration, treatment expenses reimbursement and other necessary materials were reiterated.
       Finally, director of the company's production department wu xuexian on strengthening the company's safety management, the company's equipment maintenance management and other aspects of the rules and regulations for the propaganda.